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A story of purpose


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Eladae is a brainchild of Priyanka - started in 2019 with the aim of raising awareness about natural Skin Care products. It started initially with Bath Salts and Uptans which soon became the household favourites of many, thus paving the way to start up the venture on a bigger scale.


In one years’ time, the portfolio has expanded to various skin care products in tandem with clothing, accessories and others.


ELADAE is a combination of two words.

ELA – Earth

DAE – Greatness / Nobility.

Hence, the word ELADAE means Great and Noble Earth and it celebrates the Pride in Earthy Greatness.

Our U.S.P. -

  • The products on offer are natural, cruelty free, handmade from scratch in batches and in rapt with the goodness of the Mother Earth.

  • The raw materials are locally sourced and we have included the regional artisans to aid our philosophy of sustainable and self-sufficient economy.

  • The products are crafted with the aim of holistic healing of body, mind and soul. Candles, aromatherapy, gemstones  are thus included to radiate positive vibes and calm down the anxious & tired body and mind.

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